Especially if you are not an expert in digital marketing, the plethora of options available to you can be confusing and stressful. Should you spend your marketing budget on social media, search, or otherwise? What about the seemingly endless targeting options you have?

In truth, most options in digital marketing have merit, and can be successful in the right situation. Today, we will focus on a method that works especially well in connection with other digital efforts. Here are 4 key benefits of using adwords retargeting.

An Introduction to Retargeting

Before getting into the specific benefits of the concept, let’s first establish the exact nature of retargeting. At its core, it’s simple: retargeting means showing ads to past visitors of your website. By placing a few lines of code on your website, you can use Google AdWords to show both text and image ads to users who have recently either visited any page or a specific page (or set of pages) on your website.

1) Reaching the Right Audience

Naturally, retargeting comes with a number of distinct advantages. Above all, you can always be sure to reach the right audience. While most other digital marketing occurs before your target audience visits your website, retargeting goes into effect after the initial contact occurs.

Pre-visit marketing has many benefits, but a distinct disadvantage: You may spend money and effort on an audience that may not ever be interested in your business. And even if they are interested enough to click through to your website, they may find after browsing around that they are not a good fit for you. Retargeting, on the other hand, targets only visitors who have already browsed around the site and thus maximizes the impact on your most relevant target audience.

2) Providing Multiple Touches

In the vast majority of cases, simply showing an ad to your audience is not enough to convince them to become customers. Research shows that on average, consumers need to see between 6 and 8 marketing messages from you before being ready to take the next step.

Retargeting provides the perfect opportunity for marketers like you to provide these additional marketing touches. Seeing an ad after having already browsed on your website will remind your audience about your business, and keep it in their minds for longer – ultimately increasing their likelihood of becoming customers.

3) Cost Effectiveness

Google’s version of retargeting, which you can set up in AdWords, is particularly beneficial because it follows a PPC pricing model. Short for Pay-per-Click, PPC means that your budget will only be charged when a user is interested enough to actually click on the ad.

Considering the relevant audience mentioned in step one, this model is especially beneficial for retargeting. Because you already reach the right audience, you know that those who are willing to click on the ad – returning to your website – are the single most relevant members of your target audience. Every single click is valuable, so only being charged for each click is especially cost-effective.

4) Combining With Other Methods

Given the other benefits above, retargeting is particularly effective in combination with other marketing efforts. Think about it from your audience’s perspective: they may see an ad for your business on Facebook, and choose to click on it. They browse around your website for a while, and are intrigued – but not quite enough to become customers.

Then, they see ads for your business around the web, reminding them of you. Ultimately, because of how well retargeting works within the entirety of your digital marketing efforts, they will be much more likely to become customers.

In short, retargeting should be a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy. To learn more about the concept and how your business can take advantage of it, contact us.